August 31, 2012

Toddler Trends

Finley seems to get stuck on one thing for a few days and the move on to another for the next few days. I think this is pretty common behavior but it is funny to watch what the next toddler trend will be. 

Recently, Finley was going through the stack of books in her bedroom and came across and tiny little embossed New Testament. This tiny little Bible was given to her as a given by her GAC and GUJ (Great Aunt Cheryl and Great Uncle Jim) on the day of her baby dedication. 

Well Finley decided this new little Bible was her new obsession. At night she'll open it up and ask me to read a story from it. I end up just reading whatever chapter she opens it up to. And then.... she needs to sleep with it. At first, I felt like maybe I was being a little disrespectful of God's word to allow a 2 year old to slobber on a Bible all night. I got over that and gave in to the request of her "Bie-Bie".

A few nights ago, it was awfully quiet in the play room while I was making dinner. As any parent knows, quiet usually means trouble! Not this time.....

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