April 27, 2011

California Dreamin...

Finley and I had the opportunity to tag along with Paul and one of his athletes for a 5 day trip to California. I've never been there before and thought it would be a fun time!

Finley got to see her grandma and grandpa Koutz in the airport as they were picking up the Great grandparents. She did really well on her first flight and was only a little fussy on the second flight.

She got to go to the Rosebowl and see the mountains.

We enjoyed the sunshine at the track meet.

We took an evening to walk around Downtown Disney.

It was a whirlwind week!

April 26, 2011

Getting so BIG!

Finley has learned to LOVE bathtime. She tries to gather up all the little floating toys in her lap and then shove them one by one in her mouth. Its pretty fun to watch until she falls face first in the water because she reaches too far foward.

She also has become more mobile. She's not quite crawling but can roll all over the place. A few nights ago I found her sleeping on her belly for the first time.

She's getting bigger by the second it seems!!!

April 25, 2011

Indianapolis Trip

Apparently I'm a blog slacker.

The goal of the week is to play catch up on the blog. We'll start with the first weekend in April.

Finley and I made the trek south to Indianapolis with Paul's family... sans Paul. We celebrated many birthdays - Glenda, Caroline and my own. We also celebrated the announcement of Dave & Caroline's baby, expected in October!!

Finley enjoyed all the family time as well as shaking her groove-thang at the Battle of the Bands at the women's NCAA Final Four.