April 20, 2010

It's ours!

Well we officially closed on April 14. We are no longer debt free with nothing to show for it. Instead we are back in debt with a new home - wooo hoo! The closing went smoothly with no big surprises. We quickly went in the next day and taped and edged the kitchen. I went back in on Friday to paint the kitchen and give it another coat on Sunday. This week Paul's dad has so generously volunteered to help paint the family room and stairway. It will be so nice to have some of the big rooms painted before we move furniture in.

The upcoming days are going to be jam packed with new house activities. Friday will be busy with all of the appliances being delivered and our cable/internet being installed (NECESSITY). Saturday will involve more painting. Sunday is the big move day. Paul and a bunch of our friends have graciously volunteered to pack up the apartment, load it into a U-Haul and unload it at our new home. 5 days from now we will officially be spending the night in the new Hood!