October 31, 2011


Finley was a little girl dinosaur for her second halloween. She was pretty intrigued by her costume at first.

Then, she wanted to make sure that Moses knew she was a dinosaur now - so watch out doggy!

After deciding she was tough afterall, she decided to share her candy with Moses.

Next, we headed to church for Trunk or Treat. I decided that Finley didn't really need to collect candy from all the trunks so instead we just went around looking at all the decorated trunks.

Finley was pretty intrigued by Henry the Lion.

Uncle Steven tried to peer pressure Finley into her first hotdog but she stuck with just eating a plain bun :)

October 11, 2011

My "Leap"top

It is no secret that Paul and I are a laptop family. We each use our own laptops every day and Finley loves to try to pull out our power cords, push buttons or close them on our hands while typing. Fun.

For Finley's birthday, Aunt Andrea and Uncle Brad got Finley a LeapTop - or a toddler's laptop. It helps her learn her alphabet and even says things like "check your email" and "time to write a blog post". She has recently learned how to pretend and started pretending to type on her leaptop. So cute!!!

October 9, 2011

Stairway to Heaven...or maybe just the second floor.

I recently became aware that more than just my mom and Paul's parents read the blog - Hi Grammy!

For this reason, I am going to make an effort to update the blog more often. My goal is going to be at least once a week. We'll see how that goes ;)

Although Finley is not walking yet, she has mastered the art of crawling. She is quite speedy at zipping around our house and even can make it up the stairs with a little encouragement.

I know that our life will change 100% once she starts walking but I think it's a little tough for Paul, the track coach, to have a late walker. Oh well.