February 28, 2010

Found the cord

Here's a few pictures from the last few weeks to complement the previous post.

The workers left behind a box of doughnuts. Paul's dad decided to test for freshness.

Here's the future nursery with drywall up.
They've started work on the columns on the front porch. They still need the white upper half and stone facade on the bottom.The walls are now painted and have trim.

I'm not a slacker...

I just can't find the camera cord so I can't download the house pictures. It really can't be that far, our apartment is only so big.

Anyway, we have been to the house each Sunday for the past three weeks and have noticed improvements each time. Here's the lowdown on what we've seen.

Dry wall is up, not yet mudded. The rooms are starting to look like actual rooms and not just a bunch of boards in the same shape of the floor plan. We also took Paul's parents through the house with us. We let them know that one of the four bedrooms was going to be a nursery in September.

Dry wall is now mudded and coming together. All the seams appear to be closed up.

They've started the columns on our front porch. They also apparently changed the lock on the front door so our key doesn't work. One of the windows was unlocked so Paul did a good job breaking into our own house.

The walls are now roughly painted "Builder Beige". We anticipate having to paint every room over again but at least it serves as a primer. They've also started putting up trim in most of the rooms and have doors on the bedrooms and bathrooms. We hope they start doing cabinets in the kitchen and bathrooms in the upcoming week. As well as give us an updated key.

Paul also got the chance to meet our new neighbor across the street when he backed into their mailbox. Apparently the snow plow's already hit it a few times this year so that's why it popped off the stand so easily. No big deal. Paul made a new friend.

Hopefully I find the camera cord so I can update this post with a few pictures!!!

February 10, 2010

Good from the front

We drove by the house on Sunday to find that the exterior is mostly finished. It is a light blue color with dark grey shutters and cedar shakes. It's still missing the columns on the front porch, the garage door, and the front door will be dark grey, not white like the temporary door.

We were surprised when we got there to find that both the front door and the garage door were locked. Thankfully, the insulation wasn't very secure and Paul was able to crawl through a fallen piece of insulation in the garage and unlock the door for me. We'll have to get a key from the builder for future visits!
While we were there we also experienced a train going by for the first time. We heard the whistle blow a few times but then couldn't hear the actual train from the inside of the house. That's a relief!On the inside of the house they have completed all the pipes for plumbing, lines for gas and electrical wires. They have also insulated all the walls on all three floors. They have all the dry wall in the rooms, just not up on the walls. We hope it will be done this week.
In other news, we got almost 10" of snow yesterday. It's been a weird winter with not much snow but we made up for a small portion of it in 24 hours it seems. Paul and I have had a hard time adjusting to apartment life and often complain about all the silly nuances that apartments bring. But with this large snowfall it reminded me of something that I'm thankful for this apartment for. In our old house, it could take up to a week after a snowfall for the city to remember to plow our little cul-de-sac. Paul and I would spend our afternoons shoveling the street by hand and trying to push cars around the corner who would get stuck. As I pulled out into the well plowed city street this morning, I was reminded of the little things to be thankful for.

February 1, 2010

Sorry for the slacking...

Although I haven't posted in two weeks, we still have visited the new hood every Sunday. Last week, I was unable to post as my computer had a nasty virus. Thank goodness for IT people!
When we visited two Sunday's ago we were excited to see a lot of the duct work and the furnace installed. The exterior didn't look too different, just muddier.
We also took a picture of the back of the house from Old Alpine Rd. Our house is the 2 story in the middle.This past Sunday we drove by and were excited to see siding on the back and sides of the house. Not on the front though :( I'm sure in time it will be there too!
The other work that was done in the last week was the electrical, water and gas pipes were installed. They had also marked off the studs for once they put the drywall up. We noted that they had installed the canned lighting and ceiling light fixtures. Here is a picture of the master bath and hall bath, back-to-back.We noticed that they put a lock box on our front door (although the garage was still completely open!) and thought that it won't be long before anyone who wants to won't be able to walk through our home anymore. We took that opportunity to walk through the empty house next to ours as we assume it will soon be locked up as well. It's a nice 3 bedroom ranch with a huge open basement. We hope we like whoever moves in there!

Back next week with more updates!