September 28, 2010

Like a weed...

Well she may have gotten off to a slow start, but little miss Finley is certainly growing now. I took her in for a weight check at three weeks to make sure she had regained her birthweight and she was at 7 pounds 4 oz... woo hoo!

At one month she was 20.5" and 7 pounds 15.5 oz - so I think she's continuing in the right direction. She has her next doctor's appointment at two months so we'll get more official weights at that time.
Finley has brought many new visitors to the hood. Aside from the numerous visits from the grandparents and local relatives, Julie, my BFF from high school, came to visit for a week and brought along her 1 year old daughter Lily. Although Finley wasn't much of a playmate for Lily, Moses certainly loved the attention. Finley had her first exposure to daily shopping and was a trooper... most of the time.

Uncle David and Aunt Caroline (along with canine cousin Scooter) came up for Aunt Molly's wedding. We tried to go apple picking but it was too windy, so she just got a tour of the orchard's barn. But we did get a bushel of apples for applesauce and apple butter.

All dolled up for Molly and Nick's wedding

In two weeks, Finley is excited to meet the last of her aunts and uncles when Uncle Brad, Aunt Andrea and cousins Bridget and Spencer come out for the weekend. Hopefully the weather cooperates a little better so we can show them a true Michigan fall orchard experience.

September 3, 2010

New Kid on the Block

Just two short days after my last post, where I hoped for our baby to wait until her due date, we welcomed our daughter into the world.

Finley Joy was born two and a half weeks early on August 19th, 2010. She was 7 pounds and 19.5 inches long.

We've quickly acclimated Finley to the 'hood. I try to take her for a daily walk up and down the cul-de-sac and usually she gets to see a few neighbors each time. Moses is getting used to the idea that there is a new girl on his turf. He doesn't really bother her much, but doesn't love her being here either.

Finley had her 2 week check up today. No shots - thank goodness but she still is quite the peanut. She hasn't quite regained her birthweight yet and was only 6 pounds 13 ounces. I'm not quite sure how this is possible considering I feel she feeds ALL THE TIME! But we're just going to keep working on it and take her in for a weight check next week.Needless to say, some of our house projects have gone by the way side. We still have a few last minute decorating things in the nursery, Paul's man cave is coming along nicely and the craft room is a disaster area. Oh well... I've got maternity leave to figure it all out and get all the details in order :)