June 30, 2010

What we've been working on...

We've had lots of projects completed in the last two months and many projects still in the works.

So far we've painted the family room, kitchen, foyer, powder room, master bedroom and nursery. We've partially built a deck (it still needs railings) and worked diligently on our yard (including getting a sprinkler system, patching up bare spots and deciding where to put the flower beds).

Here are a few pictures of our works in progress... I'll update again when I have some pictures of them more fully decorated.

Powder room - put up beadboard and painted

Nursery - paint and bedding

Hauling topsoil and mulch (yes its good to do this when you're 7 months pregnant)

Working on the deck

June 2, 2010

Not abandoned

So after giving it a little thought, I've decided not to abandon our blog after moving to the hood. There are a lot of exciting things going on with the Koutz house and its worth documenting! So I've decided that over the next several weeks and months this blog will highlight projects that we've completed in the house and our growing family.

As I'm assuming most readers know, I am expecting a baby girl on Labor Day - September 6th... which makes me 26 weeks along. I'm sure we'll have lots of updates on that.

In the house, we've done a lot of projects so far, but none that are really picture worthy. (Unless you want a picture of our garage door opener, installation of a microwave, or our torn up yard). BUT in the future, I hope to have news of our finished deck, lawn, painting/decorating a few rooms and even a completed nursery. So until then, hang tight... more updates to come!