January 17, 2010

The progress continues!

Well I was on my own this weekend as Paul was off the boys for the weekend. So pictures are limited to what I could get from my car (not quite ready to venture through the mud/snow in crutches by myself yet).

It was extremely foggy so there isn't a whole lot of contrast in these pictures. But, from what I can tell, they have the roof shingled and windows/front door in. Paul took a walk through the inside with a friend on the way home from boys weekend and said there wasn't a whole lot new on the inside, except rough stairs down to the future man-cave.

In theory, we only have two months to go! Fingers crossed that timeline stays true :)

January 10, 2010

More than we could ask for!

Imagine my surprise when one of our future neighbor's posted this photo on my FB page on Thursday....

We were so excited that we were not sure we could hold our excitement until Sunday for our weekly drive by. But somehow we managed. We drove by on Sunday to find that even more work had been done on Saturday.

Here is the exterior front of the house. Framing and trusses are up. We hope to see a roof on there soon!
Thankfully we got a chance to walk around inside. This is a picture from standing in the family room looking toward the dining area. There will be sliders out to a deck.
This is taken from the kitchen looking into the little living room. To the right is a mudroom and entrance to the garage.This following picture is from the upstairs loft looking into a spare bedroom to the left, the 2nd floor laundry in the middle, and the master bedroom to the right.And finally, this a view from the back of the house. We can wait to have a big back yard!

January 3, 2010

Happy New Year!

After 2 weeks away from the building site, Paul and I anxiously drove past the new house today on our way to church. We had received updates from our future neighbors and had heard of some progress (although maybe not as much as we would hope). They have moved around some of the dirt piles and back-filled in the area that our garage will sit on top of. Apparently they have also dug our septic tank. We'll definitely need that!

The picture below shows the foundation with the first floor boarded off.

The picture below is the first floor as standing on the front porch. Imagine a family room to your left and stairs heading upward to your right :)

The final picture are the trusses we hope to see up by next Sunday.... fingers crossed!