June 24, 2013

Up from the dead

I've decided to resurrect my blog, with a little revamp in mind.

First, let's do a quick update on all the family members since I last blogged 10 months ago:

Finley: Now almost 3, talking up a storm, opinionated, a big helper and a big sister!

Fisher: Born in February 2013, affectionately referred to as "The Tank", quite possibly the most smiley, mild-tempered baby I've ever encountered.

Paul: Getting busier by the day, still a track coach but now also working on his MBA.

Jody: Mom of 2 crazies, now working part-time, still enjoys creating in the kitchen, trying to get back in shape, and crafts for stress relief.

I've decided that this blog will become more than just a recap of what's going on in our lives for our out of town family to keep up with us. I am also going to share recipes that I've tried, use it as an accountability for my workouts, post pictures of new crafts I'm making AND regular ramblings of whats going on with our family.

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