March 31, 2010

Down to the Nitty Gritty

Well no new pics for this week. Everything is pretty much the same as last week - just cleaner! We're going through all the motions of getting ready to own the place!

The house was appraised early this week and came in at a good number - high enough that the mortgage will all be covered, but not too high that we have to pay extra taxes. We plan to have a professional inspector (...ahem...Paul's Dad...ahem) go through and inspect the house for structural/electrical/plumbing, etc type issues tomorrow night. We hope to close in the next week or two (do I sound like a broken record saying that?).

Hopefully we'll be able to take possession soon so that I can paint a few rooms before our move in date. We've been brainstorming of what colors we'd like for the kitchen/dining area/family room/foyer. We're currently considering a light smoky gray for the kitchen (I know ... that is the same as the old house!) and possible a light celery green elsewhere in the downstairs, I'm not quite sure they'll coordinate, but we'll see.

We also plan on painting the master bedroom before we move in which will be the same as the old house - tan / chocolate brown - to go with our bedding and gigantic furniture. I plan to start using this blog as a decorating update instead of a construction update, since that phase is now complete.

The sun is shining, the daffodil's are coming up - Spring is in the air! Great time for a new home. Happy Easter :)

March 21, 2010

It's almost time!

Today was a great day. In the past week we received updates that the final stages of the home are in progress. We look forward to hearing that it passes inspection this week (fingers crossed) and that our mortgage company has a good assessment of value. We were also excited to invite a few of our future neighbors and friends to come walk through the house with us after church today.

When we pulled up we noticed that the driveway and front walk way were in place. They also finished the columns and put up the house number and doorbell.
On the inside, it appears all the finishing work is complete. The granite island was in place and all the lights seem to be working as we played around with what light switches operate which fixtures.
In the bathrooms the mirrors and lights are in place.
We did some price shopping this weekend for appliances and found that Best Buy had the best bargains for what we wanted. So after walking through the house we headed down to Best Buy to order all our new stuff! We ordered a fridge, stove/range, microwave, washer, dryer, chest freezer and threw in a Dyson pet hair vacuum since we'll have a TON more carpet areas to vacuum.

A few of the appliances we ordered were on backorder and have to be shipped from stores hundreds of miles away. So we aren't having them delivered until April 23rd. With that date, we tentatively decided that April 25th will then be our move in date. We expect to take possession several weeks before that, but it will give us time to paint a few rooms and be ready for the move. We have the apartment until the end of April so this will make it a smoother transition.

Ahhhh!!!! We are getting so excited because it seems so real now - can't wait!

March 15, 2010

Oh the progress...

Oh the progress that has been made in just two short weeks! I went by the house last weekend but I didn't have Paul or the camera so I decided not to post. But since I've posted much has progressed.
On the exterior, the stone facade of the columns have been put up on the bottom half (top half still missing). Our door is now the "iron mountain" color that it is supposed to be and we have lights next to our garage door.
On the inside, there is wood-ish flooring in the foyer and powder room, as well as the sink and toilet have been installed.The carpet has been installed in the rest of the house which makes a HUGE difference. It definitely is feeling like a home in there. Although after going through all three floors Paul and I began to realize that vacuuming may become a 2 day job. They also installed the light fixture in the dining area. We're a little bit concerned about this "blue" dishwasher... we thought we ordered stainless steel ;)The countertops, kitchen flooring and cabinets have all been installed. We're still waiting on the granite for the island. We took measurements of all the appliance holes as we think of taking on the fun task of buying new appliances. In the master bathroom, both of the sinks and vanities have been installed. Paul and I aren't the best at sharing some things so we're pretty excited to have our own sinks and cabinets. Paul even noticed that there is an electrical outlet in the perfect place for my electric toothbrush (oh how I've missed you....)Down in the "man cave" it is truly looking like another room of the house and not a dingy basement. Carpet and finished walls make a huge difference. So according to the agent from the developer this week is going to be tying up loose ends in the house including getting in a driveway. We know since Paul sends her a friendly weekly email each Monday after we walk through the house with all our praises (and concerns). We also hope to meet with our mortgage guy this week to nail down some of the details of the house. In a few short weeks - we hope it will actually be ours!