October 29, 2010

For the Record

Finley has reached the double digits! She had her 2 month check up yesterday and tipped the scales. Here's the stats:

Weight: 10 pounds 12 oz (40%)
Length: 21.5 inches (40%)
Head: 15.5 inches (75%)

So she is growing well! Her growth has improved since her first few weeks and she is right where she should be. We also got scolded for not developing good sleep habits with her. (She sleeps in her bouncer). So we are now dedicated to getting this girl to sleep right! She will only sleep in her crib from now on and we're working on a routine.

It was awful to watch her get four vaccinations at this appointment. The first was a liquid that she had to drink. Apparently she was hungry because she guzzled it down, no problem. That was followed by a sequence of three shots. The look of terror in her eyes as she screamed broke my heart. I felt like she was looking at me saying "MOM!!! Why are you letting them do this to me?!?!?!"

I'm not sure if it was the new routine or sleepiness from the vaccinations but she slept the best EVER last night! A stretch of 6 hours with a quick feeding at 2:30 am followed by 5 more hours of sleep! We could get used to this :)

October 27, 2010

Trip to the Johnston Farm

Finley was able to participate in the annual tradition of a trip the Johnston Farm. Our friends Bryan and Julie Johnston invite us all out to Bryan's parents' farm each fall for an autumn extravaganza. This year Finley joined in the fun.

The girls took a shopping trip and we put Finley in her umbrella stroller. She didn't quite make it through one store before screaming bloody murder. So she made it through the rest of the stores in her moby wrap.

We took a trip to the local orchard and Finley enjoyed the ride with Paul in the Moby wrap again.

We rounded out the evening with Finley's first hayride!

The following weekend, Finley made it across state lines for the first time. We went to Cleveland for a friend from high school's wedding. It was nice to have her meet some of my old time friends and of course for her to get her groove on on the dance floor. Unfortunately, I didn't take any pictures this weekend.

Finley has her much anticipated 2 month check up on tomorrow. Paul and I are pretty sure she's over 10 pounds by now but we'll have confirmation tomorrow.

October 14, 2010

Hotel Koutz Has Closed It's Doors

During my maternity leave, we have had a plethora of visitors. In addition to the multiple visits from the local relatives, my BFF Julie and her daughter were here for a week, Paul's brother and wife were here for a few days and just last weekend, my brother and his family were here for a few days.

I have affectionately referred to the days of Brad's family's visit as Rigby-palooza. It was pandemonium! They arrived early on Friday morning, with 2 year old Bridget and 11 month old Spencer in tow. We spent Friday just catching up, going for a walk around the neighbor, having Steven over for dinner and wrangling kids.Spencer and Finley bondingSpencer playing with Moses
The Rigby cousins
On Saturday, my parents joined in Rigby-palooza for a trip to the apple orchard. It was beautiful 70 degree sunny weather. We enjoyed a walk through the corn maze, picking apples, a gander through the pumpkin patch, playing in the corn box and many helpings of cider and donuts.Finley's apple picking

It was a fun, action packed weekend.

Finley and I have spent the rest of this week just relaxing and getting ready for me to go back to work. I am excited to have adult interaction again but it's also a little bittersweet as I won't be spending my days with little miss Finley anymore.

Up this weekend - annual trip to the Johnston Farm.

October 5, 2010

Not quite BFFs

Moses and Finley started out their relationship on rocky terms. Moses pretty much thought that we abandoned him after leaving him in his crate for 2.5 days and then we come home with some other living thing that we OBVIOUSLY love more than him. We've tried really hard to get them to be BFFs.

But in reality, Moses would rather be basking in the sunlight

and Finley would rather be staring at her favorite picture(I'm not lying.. she fixates on this picture for long periods of time)

In other news, Finley has successfully conquered her first cold. After 10 days of snot, coughing and sneezing...

She is back to her jovial self.

Looking ahead - Finley gets to meet the last of her aunts and uncles, as well as her COUSINS this weekend.