August 31, 2012

Toddler Trends

Finley seems to get stuck on one thing for a few days and the move on to another for the next few days. I think this is pretty common behavior but it is funny to watch what the next toddler trend will be. 

Recently, Finley was going through the stack of books in her bedroom and came across and tiny little embossed New Testament. This tiny little Bible was given to her as a given by her GAC and GUJ (Great Aunt Cheryl and Great Uncle Jim) on the day of her baby dedication. 

Well Finley decided this new little Bible was her new obsession. At night she'll open it up and ask me to read a story from it. I end up just reading whatever chapter she opens it up to. And then.... she needs to sleep with it. At first, I felt like maybe I was being a little disrespectful of God's word to allow a 2 year old to slobber on a Bible all night. I got over that and gave in to the request of her "Bie-Bie".

A few nights ago, it was awfully quiet in the play room while I was making dinner. As any parent knows, quiet usually means trouble! Not this time.....

August 27, 2012

Finley's Purple Party

Sometimes it is easy to get caught up in all the excitement of mommyhood. Websites like pinterest and facebook make you believe that everyone has a ginormous, extravagent party for every birthday with a gourmet menu, cute decor/invites, clowns and a bounce-house.

I began several months ago pinning ideas on Pinterest for Finley's 2nd birthday with a zoo theme. Afterall, homegirl LOVES anything to do with animals and can make more animal noises than any 2 year old I know. I pinned cute table-scapes, decor, cakes, games, etc. I then it hit me. Finley is turning 2. She is not going to remember ANY of this. I am not even inviting any kids to the party. The average age of the 10 people attending might by 47. Scrap that....

In recent months I've come to realize that I can't stress myself out trying to be the picture perfect mom. Both Paul and I work full time, have hobbies of our own, a house to take care of and love Finley very much. All that matters is that we love her. The details (a clean house, a zoo themed party, etc) can wait.

That's where the Purple Party came in.

Finley LOVES the color purple and Walmart has solid color party items for $0.97 per pack. SOLD. Purple plates, purple tablecloths, purple plasticware, purple cake. DONE.

I'd say she was pretty happy with it!
 Trying to poke out Moses's eyeballs in her purple party dress ($3 walmart)
 Opening up toy pots and pans from Nini and Pops.
 Using her new mixer, just like Mommy does (Although I usually try to put it on the counter, not on the carpet)
 Not really understanding that this wagon is for her toys, not herself.

 Box of white cake mix split into 3 layers each with differing amounts of purple icing coloring - voila! Ombre purple cake!

Play picnic with Aunt Molly. 

August 24, 2012

Highlights from the last 6 months....

 Finley found Easter eggs in our back yard. 

We also put her to work spreading mulch.

Roadtrip to Pittsburgh for awesome cousin time with Bridget and Spencer.

I completed the color run with my coworker, Amanda. After battling plantar fasciitis for 9 months, it was nice to get running again!!!

Paul got a John Deere Tractor and fulfilled his country boy dreams. He still wears the green JD hat EVERY time he mows the lawn... sigh.

Finley made it to her first MLB game for Father's Day. Even though Daddy and Daughter are dressed in Cardinals gear, we were at a Tigers game. 

Paul and I took a kid-free vacation to the Florida Keys! It was so fun exploring all the different islands and sleeping in until whenever I wanted to wake up. Thanks to Nini for 8 fun-filled days with our kiddo!

Paul has continued his love of hot dogs (and his hot dog blog). We tried a new place in Grandville that even had Puppy Dogs (breakfast sausages wrapped in dough for kiddos). I was actually proud of Finley as she wasn't a fan of the sausage and only ate the bun :)

We took up a very generous offer from my coworker and used her lake cottage for a weekend. We brought along some good friends and spent 3 days swimming and boating with 3 kids, age 3 and under!

February 9, 2012

Winter, thus far....

This winter has been a fun one as Finley continues to grow and develop her own personality. I'll try to play catch up a bit of what has been going on in the hood over the past couple months.

The Rigby's all came out to Sparta for Thanksgiving and Finley was able to enjoy some cousin time. Bridget did a great job helping Aunt Jody prepare some of the big dinner.

Finley enjoyed helping Daddy cut down our Christmas tree. She celebrated THREE Christmases! At home, she delighted in the toy box Daddy made for her. She also celebrated Christmas with the Koutzs and the Rigbys.

Finley currently loves many things - dressing herself, her baby doll, eating cheese of the floor and telling Moses what to do!