August 24, 2012

Highlights from the last 6 months....

 Finley found Easter eggs in our back yard. 

We also put her to work spreading mulch.

Roadtrip to Pittsburgh for awesome cousin time with Bridget and Spencer.

I completed the color run with my coworker, Amanda. After battling plantar fasciitis for 9 months, it was nice to get running again!!!

Paul got a John Deere Tractor and fulfilled his country boy dreams. He still wears the green JD hat EVERY time he mows the lawn... sigh.

Finley made it to her first MLB game for Father's Day. Even though Daddy and Daughter are dressed in Cardinals gear, we were at a Tigers game. 

Paul and I took a kid-free vacation to the Florida Keys! It was so fun exploring all the different islands and sleeping in until whenever I wanted to wake up. Thanks to Nini for 8 fun-filled days with our kiddo!

Paul has continued his love of hot dogs (and his hot dog blog). We tried a new place in Grandville that even had Puppy Dogs (breakfast sausages wrapped in dough for kiddos). I was actually proud of Finley as she wasn't a fan of the sausage and only ate the bun :)

We took up a very generous offer from my coworker and used her lake cottage for a weekend. We brought along some good friends and spent 3 days swimming and boating with 3 kids, age 3 and under!

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  1. Jody your family is beautiful! We should do a family reunion sometime. :) I'd love to meet Finley and intro you to the youngest of my brood. :)