December 15, 2009

Well I said I'd update Sunday, I lied.

We drove by the house on Saturday with Paul's parents. It was their first time seeing the place so it was exciting. BUT it was the same as last week, just a little more snow.

Apparently the foundation has to settle for 1 week prior to continuing construction, so it was just resting last week. The developer told us that they are planning to put up some framing this week. So we are hopeful for some updated pictures this weekend when we drive by.

In the meantime here is one reason we need to move and one reason its good we're in an apartment.

1. Poor Mr. Moses HATES our apartment. It has hardwood floors that he can't get traction. There are constantly people walking on the sidewalk outside that he must growl at. And the neighbors above us (who moved out 2 weeks ago - thank goodness!) had cats that would meow under the door. He has lost 10 pounds since we moved in, we think due to stress. If you know Moses, you know he was ridiculously skinny to begin with. We are considering changing his name to Rex (short for anoREXia) as you can now not only see all his ribs but also his vertebrae.

2. Thank goodness we have not moved yet as I am still in a cast and will continue to be for one more month, followed by a boot for 2-4 weeks. I'm really not sure how well that would work moving in boxes and working on projects in our new 2 story home!

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