December 5, 2009

These are the people in your neighborhood..

In case you were wondering what our house will look like... here is a link to the floor plans of our builder. We are building the "Hampton". We opted for the optional 4th bedroom. They are putting in double sinks in the master bath and we're having sliders out of our dining room. AND we're having the basement finished for Paul's long awaited man-cave.

In the last few weeks we've received great news of the progress of our new home construction. We are moving to Sparta, which is about 15 minutes north of Grand Rapids. We currently go to church in Sparta so we are planning on driving by after church tomorrow. We've heard that the hole is dug and the basement walls are up. I'm so excited to get to see it for myself tomorrow!!

You may wonder how we've heard of the progress even though we haven't been up there recently. We are moving onto a cul-de-sac that 3 couples that we are friends with already live. In fact, we're moving next door to our good friends Justin and Bethany. We can't wait to be part of the 'hood!

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