December 6, 2009

After church today we started a new tradition - driving down Cosby Way to see how the house is coming along!! I was so excited to take a peek. Unfortunately I had to stay in the car as crutches, unsteady dirt and snow don't really get along. But Paul ventured up the snow covered dirt mounds in his church clothes to snap some pics.

This is a picture as you're driving down the cul-de-sac approaching the house.

Apparently they didn't "pour" the foundation. Instead, they shipped in pre-poured foundation walls on a flat bed truck. This truck was parked in front of the lot. We're thinking maybe these are the interior walls?
This is picture is taken by Paul as he walked up to the foundation. The main area of the basement is on the left and our front porch is in the bottom right.

This is where the garage will be. "The Ding Machine" (aka Paul's car) is excited to have a garage home for the first time in it's life.

Someone else that will be happy to have a new home is our dog, Moses. He HATES our temporary apartment - particularly the hardwood floors. He can't get any traction under his feet and often has a hard time getting going. He pretty much mopes around and will lay down on any piece of fabric he can find. This is a picture of him right now as I type.

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