December 3, 2009

In the beginning....

In the beginning, Paul and I had this nice little starter house. It fit our needs, was close to work, and even had a fenced in back yard for our mutt, Moses. We knew we wouldn't be there forever but it was a comfortable little home.

Then this whole first-time homebuyer's tax credit came along. We knew it wouldn't apply to us but thought maybe some first-time homebuyer might like our little home. So we thought about it, fixed up a few things, and put it on the market.

During this time we considered our next home... our REAL home... our grown-up, long-term, better love it HOME. Although we know there are TONS of houses on the market and we could've gotten a really good deal, we decided building was our best plan. So we decided on a floor plan and picked out what lot we would like, but we couldn't really do anything until our house sold.

Well... what do you know? Our house sold! After two and a half months on the market, we got a good offer and sold our house.. hmmm... now we're homeless ?!?!?! We quickly found a do-able 2 bedroom apartment in a historic district of downtown. It was big enough to store all of our belongings into one spare room plus live in the other portions. It has a small fenced backyard for Moses and even is on the first floor (which helps since I was scheduled for foot surgery). We don't love it - but it's temporary. And we know what we have in store.....

Our New Home! And this is the purpose of this blog. I plan to give weekly updates on what is going on with the house. We hope to drive by the construction site at least once a week to take pictures of what is happening. And I hope YOU will enjoy watching us move To The Hood!

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