July 22, 2013

Town & Country Days

Every year the town of Sparta is all a buzz for Town & Country Days. There are all kinds of festivities from 3-on-3 basketball tournaments to craft shows, a local 5k to tractor pulls. We decided to strap on our townie hats and participate as best we could in the 95 degree heat. We took Finley to the Boy Scout games booth where she played Plinko, dug for treasure and picked a floating duck. Then we walked all around the carnival, allowing her to pick out one ride that she could go on.

After touring the lay of the land. Finley decided she wanted to go on the Dizzy Dragons (kind of like the teacups in Disney). But as soon as we approached the Dizzy Dragons, she saw a little girl going around and around on the train and she changed her mind. So train it was.

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