July 23, 2013

Summer is hard

On Sunday, I planned to go for my morning running before the kids got up. Well, my alarm went off and I could hear Finley talking in her monitor - so that changed those plans. I decided to come up with an alternative.

After naptime we loaded both kids up and drove to Algoma Park, just a couple miles down the road. Paul and Finley were going to play on the playground while I pushed Fisher in the jogging stroller around the 0.65 mile looped path. It was only 80 so not TOO hot (although much hotter than it would have been at 7 am!) and the park was not crowded - PERFECT.

Not so much, after my third lap around the loop I turned the corner to see Finley's legs in the air near the swings. Apparently she was trying to swing on her belly and got a little too crazy and landed face first in the mulch. When I got closer, the poor girl was covered from head to toe in mulch, tears and snot.

I'd like to say it's looking better but it actually looked worse as the night went on. I guess the one thing I can be thankful for is that the kiddos had their pictures professionally taken LAST week, and not this one!

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  1. Hard to plan those runs...when you have to plan around your children...I certainly know what that's like