July 3, 2013

Finley at the Dentist

I've been dragging my feet on when to schedule Finley's first dentist appointment. My dentist's office had told me they like to do the first appointment when the child turns one, just to sit on the dentist's lap and get used to being in the office?!?!!? Well that sounded like a load of nonsense to me, especially since Finley's first tooth didn't errupt until 11 months. So I've been procrastinating ever since.

I set a goal for myself that she'd go to the dentist before she's three so with six weeks to spare, we headed to the dentist today. We've been prepping for the dentist for weeks. We've watched youtube videos on going to the dentist. We've pretended to play dentist when we brush her teeth. We try to hype up things that might be new for her so we hope it is exciting, not scary. I think it worked.

When we got to the dentist, she was first excited to play with the toys in the waiting room. Then the hygenist came out to get her. Finley jumped into her arms and said bye to Paul and I.... I think it caught the hygenist off guard. Needless to say, we went back to the room with her and cheered her on from the corner. She counted all the teeth and Finley opened wide like a champ.

She thought the grape toothpaste was tasty and the polishing toothbrush tickled.

All in all, it was a good visit. Apparently 2 year old's teeth should have little gaps in between each tooth. Finley's top teeth are kind of tight together which essentially means she's going to have some janky adult teeth. Basically we were told braces are in her future. Awesome. I guess we'll go from saving for preschool to saving for braces. :)

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