January 1, 2011

Christmas 2010

We knew that this Christmas would be a special one for us, being that it was Finley's first Christmas. But we had no idea how it would be made so special by all of our family members helping us to celebrate Finley's first Christmas.

On Christmas Eve morning, we had a little Christmas by the tree as a family of three. Finley received three presents from us, since that is how many presents Jesus received.

First, Finley got a little catepillar thing that is supposed to encourage crawling. Right now it likes to start making noise anytime Moses gets near it and it freaks him out. I find it entertaining.

Second, she got Fridge Phonics. I know that learning the alphabet might be a little advanced for most 4 month olds, but we feel that she is gifted. (obviously).

Third, she got some reusable baby food containers. Although she isn't eating solids yet. I plan on homemaking the baby food, so might as well have something to put it in. (OK... so maybe this gift was a little bit more for me.

I got Paul the first set of ESPN's 30 for 30. It might have been his best Christmas present yet!

For Christmas Eve and Christmas day, we spent our time with the Koutz's. We were so silly to bring Finley's bumbo thinking she would sit in that most of the day. Nope - she pretty much spent the entire two days in the arms of family members, impressing them with her abundant smiles and ability to spit up.

The 26th and 27th we spent with the Rigby's. It was fun to see the interaction of Finley with her cousins Bridget and Spencer. Finley got to read Santa Mouse for the first time.

There was definitely an abundance of presents!

On to 2011!!!

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  1. Love your pictures! I had to come leave a comment because I just read your comment on Hungry Runner Girl's blog and it made me smile! I love that you do jillian's trouble zones workout...love it, doing it tomorrow. Also, Love that you are making your own breast pads and use cloth diapers. :) :)