October 27, 2010

Trip to the Johnston Farm

Finley was able to participate in the annual tradition of a trip the Johnston Farm. Our friends Bryan and Julie Johnston invite us all out to Bryan's parents' farm each fall for an autumn extravaganza. This year Finley joined in the fun.

The girls took a shopping trip and we put Finley in her umbrella stroller. She didn't quite make it through one store before screaming bloody murder. So she made it through the rest of the stores in her moby wrap.

We took a trip to the local orchard and Finley enjoyed the ride with Paul in the Moby wrap again.

We rounded out the evening with Finley's first hayride!

The following weekend, Finley made it across state lines for the first time. We went to Cleveland for a friend from high school's wedding. It was nice to have her meet some of my old time friends and of course for her to get her groove on on the dance floor. Unfortunately, I didn't take any pictures this weekend.

Finley has her much anticipated 2 month check up on tomorrow. Paul and I are pretty sure she's over 10 pounds by now but we'll have confirmation tomorrow.

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