October 5, 2010

Not quite BFFs

Moses and Finley started out their relationship on rocky terms. Moses pretty much thought that we abandoned him after leaving him in his crate for 2.5 days and then we come home with some other living thing that we OBVIOUSLY love more than him. We've tried really hard to get them to be BFFs.

But in reality, Moses would rather be basking in the sunlight

and Finley would rather be staring at her favorite picture(I'm not lying.. she fixates on this picture for long periods of time)

In other news, Finley has successfully conquered her first cold. After 10 days of snot, coughing and sneezing...

She is back to her jovial self.

Looking ahead - Finley gets to meet the last of her aunts and uncles, as well as her COUSINS this weekend.

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