October 14, 2010

Hotel Koutz Has Closed It's Doors

During my maternity leave, we have had a plethora of visitors. In addition to the multiple visits from the local relatives, my BFF Julie and her daughter were here for a week, Paul's brother and wife were here for a few days and just last weekend, my brother and his family were here for a few days.

I have affectionately referred to the days of Brad's family's visit as Rigby-palooza. It was pandemonium! They arrived early on Friday morning, with 2 year old Bridget and 11 month old Spencer in tow. We spent Friday just catching up, going for a walk around the neighbor, having Steven over for dinner and wrangling kids.Spencer and Finley bondingSpencer playing with Moses
The Rigby cousins
On Saturday, my parents joined in Rigby-palooza for a trip to the apple orchard. It was beautiful 70 degree sunny weather. We enjoyed a walk through the corn maze, picking apples, a gander through the pumpkin patch, playing in the corn box and many helpings of cider and donuts.Finley's apple picking

It was a fun, action packed weekend.

Finley and I have spent the rest of this week just relaxing and getting ready for me to go back to work. I am excited to have adult interaction again but it's also a little bittersweet as I won't be spending my days with little miss Finley anymore.

Up this weekend - annual trip to the Johnston Farm.

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  1. Love reading the commentary to go with the pictures. :) You have such a little cutie on your hands!