February 1, 2010

Sorry for the slacking...

Although I haven't posted in two weeks, we still have visited the new hood every Sunday. Last week, I was unable to post as my computer had a nasty virus. Thank goodness for IT people!
When we visited two Sunday's ago we were excited to see a lot of the duct work and the furnace installed. The exterior didn't look too different, just muddier.
We also took a picture of the back of the house from Old Alpine Rd. Our house is the 2 story in the middle.This past Sunday we drove by and were excited to see siding on the back and sides of the house. Not on the front though :( I'm sure in time it will be there too!
The other work that was done in the last week was the electrical, water and gas pipes were installed. They had also marked off the studs for once they put the drywall up. We noted that they had installed the canned lighting and ceiling light fixtures. Here is a picture of the master bath and hall bath, back-to-back.We noticed that they put a lock box on our front door (although the garage was still completely open!) and thought that it won't be long before anyone who wants to won't be able to walk through our home anymore. We took that opportunity to walk through the empty house next to ours as we assume it will soon be locked up as well. It's a nice 3 bedroom ranch with a huge open basement. We hope we like whoever moves in there!

Back next week with more updates!

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