February 28, 2010

I'm not a slacker...

I just can't find the camera cord so I can't download the house pictures. It really can't be that far, our apartment is only so big.

Anyway, we have been to the house each Sunday for the past three weeks and have noticed improvements each time. Here's the lowdown on what we've seen.

Dry wall is up, not yet mudded. The rooms are starting to look like actual rooms and not just a bunch of boards in the same shape of the floor plan. We also took Paul's parents through the house with us. We let them know that one of the four bedrooms was going to be a nursery in September.

Dry wall is now mudded and coming together. All the seams appear to be closed up.

They've started the columns on our front porch. They also apparently changed the lock on the front door so our key doesn't work. One of the windows was unlocked so Paul did a good job breaking into our own house.

The walls are now roughly painted "Builder Beige". We anticipate having to paint every room over again but at least it serves as a primer. They've also started putting up trim in most of the rooms and have doors on the bedrooms and bathrooms. We hope they start doing cabinets in the kitchen and bathrooms in the upcoming week. As well as give us an updated key.

Paul also got the chance to meet our new neighbor across the street when he backed into their mailbox. Apparently the snow plow's already hit it a few times this year so that's why it popped off the stand so easily. No big deal. Paul made a new friend.

Hopefully I find the camera cord so I can update this post with a few pictures!!!

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