July 7, 2011

Finley Crawls

A few weeks ago I received a call at work. It was Paul.

Paul: "Guess what."

Jody: "What?"

Paul: "Finley's crawling!!!"

Jody: "Yeah!!! Take a video and send it to me. Right. NOW!!"

Paul promptly got out the camera, bribed her with the elusive computer cord (Parents of the Year) and emailed me within minutes this video.

We're so proud of her! It took her a little longer than we thought to actually start crawling, although we weren't complaining because a non-mobile baby is so much easier than a mobile one!

Now that she's been mobile for two weeks, she's moving quick! She's all over the place, in Moses' food dishes, seeking out computer cords, trying to pull up on furniture - it's awesome to watch the wheels turning in that head of hers!!!

This morning she woke up especially early as I was getting ready for work (6 am). I ran upstairs thinking that I would just pop the pacifier back in her mouth and head out the door. Much to my surprise when I entered her room, Finley was crawling laps in her crib as awake as could be! I think she's getting ready for track practice :)

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