March 29, 2011


Sorry for the lack of blog updates. This is definitely our busy time of year around the Koutz house and its hard to remember to do things like take pictures and update the blog, and honestly there hasn't been anything super exciting to report in recent weeks but I'll give you the run down of whats been going on in the last month.

Finley enjoyed a quick visit with Nini and Pops at the beginning of March. We were driving home from track nationals in Cleveland and stopped for an overnight in New Hudson. Finley received a new T-shirt from Nini and Pop's recent trip to Florida.

Finley has also reached the age where everything goes in the mouth. I'm not quite sure why she doesn't like to eat food but paper is the tastiest thing she's ever had! (And every toy within grasping distance.)

Finley is now the quite proficient sitter. It is rare that I find her toppled over anymore. She loves sitting but hates being on her tummy and therefore has absolutely no interest in crawling. We think she might be a straight-to-walking kind of kid.

Her hair is beginning to come in. Not quite enough for me to put bows in it yet but enough for Daddy to give her an awesome hair-do after bath time.

Coming up for Finley - Weekend of Koutz-extravaganza in Indianapolis and her first plane ride to California....

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