February 13, 2011

Starting solids....

Last week we tried solid food for the first time with Finley. Up to this point she's only had milk but she's been staring at us while we eat and knawing on her fingers so we figured it was time. She's almost 6 months and that was the developmental milestone I was aiming for.

So I went to Meijer and bought infant rice cereal and a box of infant oatmeal cereal (I had a coupon for two boxes, of course!). That night Paul and I mixed up the cereal and got Finley all ready in her booster seat. Here's the video:

Much to our dismay, she HATED it. She even gagged and shuttered. I tried the rice cereal for several nights and got the same response every time. Two nights ago I tried mashed up bananas thinking that maybe the sweet taste would win her over. NOPE same response.

Apparently it's going to be milk only until she's 16. I guess we'll have to keep working on her! I'm making some sweet potato baby food today, we'll see if that's a winner!


  1. Lily took a while to warm up to it too. Just wait a few weeks and then try again. She'll get there!

  2. Hahahaha!!! Okay, I feel bad for Finley, but that just made me laugh out loud! :) Poor girl... That reaction is just so foreign to me- both of my kinds LOVED cereal/baby foods from the first moment they tried them. I don't know if you tried this yet, but when Spenc was first starting, he liked his cereal warmed up a bit. :)

    Oh, that was funny...