November 22, 2010

Bumbo Love

Unfortunately - Finley is not some super advanced baby that is completely independent at 3 months. Instead, she requires us to feed her, bathe her, change her, hold her, etc. However, the invention of the Bumbo has made this so much easier! Finley sits in her Bumbo several times during the day. She helps me to pack my lunch, make coffee and fill up bottles for the day in the morning while sitting in the bumbo. She watches me enjoy my lucky charms and cup of coffee in the bumbo on the coffee table after the lunches are packed. In the evening she joins Paul and myself for dinner while sitting in the bumbo. We call this "The Hot Seat". She sits in the bumbo on the middle of the dining table directly under the lights. That way, we can have a nice family meal. She even holds our hands for grace :)

Next up - Finley and her bumbo hit the road - to Pennsylvania for Thanksgiving!

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