August 16, 2010

Patience is a virtue

For all you loyal readers out there (or maybe this is just for Ron....) I promise I haven't forgotten about the blog. It's just amazing how busy life can get when you're trying to make new construction home-y and preparing for your first child!

We've decorated all the rooms we're going to decorate and have just a few finishing touches on the nursery. I've decided I want to rearrange the furniture in the nursery, so its a good thing I didn't hang anything on the walls yet. Once we do this, I'll take some pictures and post them on here.

Paul has been working diligently on his "man cave" and it is turning out AWESOME. I am so impressed with the skill and craftsmanship he is putting toward this project. I hope to be able to include pictures of this area as well.

As a family, we are anxiously anticipating the arrival of our little one who is due in just three short weeks. Unlike many pregnant women, I'm not at the point where I am just done being pregnant. In fact, we want her to stay baking until AT LEAST her due date so we can mentally prepare for our parental duties. We'll see if she complies.... We have had FOUR showers for this little girl and she was definitely showered with gifts. There is very little that we still need, and even those are really NEEDS just more desires. I plan to get those taken care of this week.

Here's to hoping I'll update sooner than almost 2 months apart!!!

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  1. I'm still checking your blog for updates! Can't wait to see everything you've done with the house. I still want to come for a visit during maternity leave. Let me know when you think a good time will be and I'll start looking at flights. I can't believe you're only 3 weeks away! Enjoy being pregnant. Believe it or not, you'll miss it when your not. Miss you and keep me updated on what's going on!