July 29, 2013

We have teeth!

It's kind of hard to tell from this picture but there are two tiny little teeth poking out of those bottom gums!

The biggest clue was the fact that he is drooling constantly and can't seem to take his fingers out of his mouth. 

I have a feeling he'll be pretty excited to chew on some solids in a few weeks!

July 23, 2013

Summer is hard

On Sunday, I planned to go for my morning running before the kids got up. Well, my alarm went off and I could hear Finley talking in her monitor - so that changed those plans. I decided to come up with an alternative.

After naptime we loaded both kids up and drove to Algoma Park, just a couple miles down the road. Paul and Finley were going to play on the playground while I pushed Fisher in the jogging stroller around the 0.65 mile looped path. It was only 80 so not TOO hot (although much hotter than it would have been at 7 am!) and the park was not crowded - PERFECT.

Not so much, after my third lap around the loop I turned the corner to see Finley's legs in the air near the swings. Apparently she was trying to swing on her belly and got a little too crazy and landed face first in the mulch. When I got closer, the poor girl was covered from head to toe in mulch, tears and snot.

I'd like to say it's looking better but it actually looked worse as the night went on. I guess the one thing I can be thankful for is that the kiddos had their pictures professionally taken LAST week, and not this one!

July 22, 2013

Town & Country Days

Every year the town of Sparta is all a buzz for Town & Country Days. There are all kinds of festivities from 3-on-3 basketball tournaments to craft shows, a local 5k to tractor pulls. We decided to strap on our townie hats and participate as best we could in the 95 degree heat. We took Finley to the Boy Scout games booth where she played Plinko, dug for treasure and picked a floating duck. Then we walked all around the carnival, allowing her to pick out one ride that she could go on.

After touring the lay of the land. Finley decided she wanted to go on the Dizzy Dragons (kind of like the teacups in Disney). But as soon as we approached the Dizzy Dragons, she saw a little girl going around and around on the train and she changed her mind. So train it was.

July 16, 2013

Day trip to Ludington

Last week, we planned a day trip to Ludington, which is a town on the coast of Lake Michigan about an hour and a half northwest of Sparta, where we live. Our desire to explore Michigan has us reaching into new territory for us. It reminded me of a news segment that was on the local news when I grew up in Ohio - "One Tank Trips" where the TV personality highlighted fun things that you can do with only one tank of gas.

Anyway, we had our plan for the day and hit the ground running. Our first stop was SandCastles Children's Museum. It was a cute, small childrens museum with mostly pretend play exhibits (vs. science exhibits which are geared toward older kids). Finley LOVED sitting in the real airplane and buckling and un-buckling her seatbelt. "Safety First" she kept saying ;)

Fisher is still a little young for the Children's Museum...

Finley enjoyed pretending to pick vegetables. She only picked the carrots and told me that she didn't like onions or beets.

She was a pro at going through the grocery store. She put her food up on the belt and paid some random girl who was pretending to be the cashier.

Overall, I HIGHLY recommend this Children's Museum! It was affordable (I think it was $4.50 per person), just the right size and had plenty of fun for Finley.

Next we hit up the beach. We knew that the beach would not be an all day thing for us so we opted to use the free city beach park vs. the state park, which you have to pay to enter. First we had a picnic lunch which we had packed. Then we changed in to suits and got ready for the beach!

Fisher and I mostly hung out on our beach blanket. I am paranoid of him getting in the sun since he isn't old enough for sunscreen yet so he stayed shaded in the comfort of his carseat.

Meanwhile, Paul and Finley played in the cold water and sand for a couple of hours.

After the beach, we cleaned up and put both kids in strollers to walk around the antique shops in town. Not all of the shops were very stroller friendly but we managed to get in and out. At our last shop of the day, Paul may have found a diamond in the rough.... but that is TBD as we're waiting to see what he can get for it. I'll keep you posted!

July 15, 2013

5 months!

A few days ago, we celebrated Fisher's 5 month birthday! Well actually, we didn't really celebrate it.... just noticed that he was 5 months old on the calendar.
Here he is posing with his turtle on the growth chair:

Of course, Finley wanted in on the action too...

July 6, 2013

Mystery Trip

Yesterday we met up with Paul's family for a "Mystery Trip". They planned to take everyone to a surprise fun location so we were on board!

After loading all the family up into three different cars, we drove through the country roads and arrived at Boulder Ridge Wild Animal Park. It is kind of like a zoo but it is privately owned. Even though it is smaller, as in area (not as much walking!), I'm pretty sure it had just as many animals as a big zoo! There were zebras, giraffes, crocodiles, peacocks, wildebeasts, monkeys, snakes, lizards, etc.
The kids (and adults) loved it!

Finley petting a waloby when we first arrived:

The animals were so close for petting!

Finley is NOT ready for a pet chick, we're pretty sure she almost squeezed it to death.

The giraffes were hungry!

They had several crocodiles, I couldn't believe how big and close they were!

Fisher enjoyed it all too :)

July 5, 2013

Don't put a worm on your brother's face

On the 4th of July, Paul and his dad headed out to Burley Park to sell their "inventory" (aka junk) at a big holiday flea market.  Although I am glad that Paul has a profitable hobby, (like my profitable sewing hobby...) I have absolutely NO interest in accompanying them to the flea market. So the kids and I stayed home for the day to relax.

We spent the morning relaxing. Finley watched a little PBS while I finished up some work projects. We soon decided it was time to paint our toenails blue and color a birthday card for Big Poppy (Paul's dad). Later in the afternoon, the kids and I went outside to weed the gardens. Finley was getting antsy and wanting to go back inside. She kept singing the clean up song and was taking all of my gardening tools back into the garage. The trick to buying some more weeding time was finding a big, juicy worm for Finley to play with.

Never did I realize the words "Don't put your worm on Fisher's face", "Please don't touch the worm to your mouth" "Please keep the worm off of Fisher's arm" would come out of my mouth so frequently. Surprisingly, this single worm entertained Finley for at least 20 minutes until Paul and Big Poppy came home. Toward the end of her time with the worm, Finley came up to me and told me she made a worm sandwich. I looked in her hand and in between two pieces of mulch was a curled up, not moving (dead) worm. I told her that he was sleeping....